Young Adult Resources

Young Adult Resources

Know any young adults who may be experiencing grief?

It has been a tumultuous time for young people as their uncertainty about jobs, school, friends, and the pandemic continue.

Young people are absorbing many changes in their previously known lives. Plus, they may be experiencing or anticipating grief for the first time.

Check out all the new GrieveWell resources available to share with those young people who have lost – or feared losing – a loved one:

– a resource page tailored for young adults.

one to one peer supporters who have lost someone – parents, friends, siblings, grandparents – ready to guide those fresh in grief. Note that this service is limited to those who live in Michigan.

– a series of sharable Instagram and Facebook posts encouraging interaction under #YoungAdultGrieveWell and #YAGrief.

– Young adult meet-ups online managed by young people who have lost people. The meet-up is designed to help young grievers find each other and bond over activities such as Jackbox games and creative outlets.

Check out our calendar for upcoming meetups and other events.

We believe in the power of candid conversations and finding your people so no one has to grieve alone.


Download The Void>>   This image is part of our young adult Instragram and Facebook post series.