Professional Staff

Meet Our Executive Team

Len Krichko: Executive Director

Len Krichko is Executive Director of GrieveWell and has over 20 years of experience leading nonprofit organizations. He is very passionate about supporting those experiencing loss. He is the grandson of deeply kind and community focused funeral home owners who modeled him as a boy about the importance of supporting those grieving. Previously, Len served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Krichko Group, a non-profit and sports management consulting company, since 2018, as well as for Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan from 1997-2017. During his career, he helped raise $125 million to support programs aimed at providing opportunities for thousands of youth and communities served in major metro areas including Detroit. He has a Master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University and was an All-American, National Champion and record holder in Track & Field.

Christy Miller, LMSW, ACSW: Program Director

Christy is the programmatic key to the GrieveWell’s professional and thoughtful efforts to support those in grief. Christy is a licensed clinical social worker and has more than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist for individuals, groups, and families. She provides a talented and professional perspective and ability as she trains and guides our peer counselors to help our clients appropriately. Christy also oversees all of our grief training and workshops, and ensures they reflect best practices and are informed by real-life experiences. We are honored to have Christy as our trusted guide as she helps us help others acclimate to their grief journeys.

Angeline Smith: Outsourced Controller

Angeline is the Principal of Angeline & Associates, LLC, a boutique accounting and consulting firm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With over 25 years of management accounting and consulting experience, GrieveWell is among her nonprofit clients for whom she serves as Outsourced Controller. In this role, Angeline oversees the organization’s accounting functions, monitors financial statements, prepares financial forecasts, assists with budgeting and works closely with management to identify areas to reduce costs and ensure compliance with applicable financial regulations. She also leverages the use of cloud-based technology to streamline processes to achieve maximum efficiency, sound internal controls, and long-term growth and sustainability.

Alice Liao, MSW: Outreach and Marketing Associate

Alice began her career in the automotive industry and quickly realized that her passions were elsewhere. She brings both her business experience and social work training in community organization and nonprofit management to GrieveWell. Since receiving her MSW from University of Michigan, Alice has helped nonprofits establish and create the brand voice behind their vision and strategy. Alice has personal experience with loss, and hopes more people learn and take advantage of GrieveWell services and programs no matter where they are on their grief journey.

Paige Swem: Special Events Coordinator

Paige worked in the political world for seven years and now works in Public Health with the Ingham County Health Department. Since receiving her Bachelors in Political Science from Alma College, Paige has helped nonprofits and start ups establish and create sustainable business models and meaningful systems change. Paige has curated events for Senator Stabenow, hosted fundraising events raising millions of dollars, and has assisted with the Kite Festival since 2018. Paige has personal experience with loss, and hopes more people learn and take advantage of GrieveWell services and programs no matter where they are on their grief journey.

Doug and Julie Stotlar: Founders

Doug and Julie Stotlar lost their six-year-old daughter, Lauren, in March 2000. They honor her memory with GrieveWell. They know that grief is not an illness, and that all loss deserves support. Providing a compassionate presence on the journey heals both the peer counselor and the person fresh in grief.

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