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Create a Grief-Informed Workplace

Grief is an inevitable, natural part of life. It will impact your workplace, and undoubtedly already does. We invite you to build a grief-informed and supportive approach to your workforce. 

You can work with GrieveWell to:

  • Develop concrete ways to support those in grief
  • Learn empathetic skills to support your workforce
  • Deepen your understanding of the natural process of grief and the different ways people react to it
  • Build a workplace that empowers managers with positive words, compassionate skills and ways to promote healing for those in grief
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Online Resources

Discover blogs, books, and other tools to learn how to support your bereaved at work.

Resources For Your Workplace

Anticipatory Grief at Work

This infographic guides work colleagues on how to support someone once they share that they are anticipating the loss of a loved one.

Self-Care Battery

This resource can be shared with the bereaved and help those supporting people in grief. We can all benefit from stepping back and reflecting on ways to keep our “battery charged.”

How to be an Active Listener for those in Grief

This short guide provides tips on how to be present for those in grief - or moments in your professional or personal life where it is helpful to listen more and talk less.

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