Community Engagement

Educational Workshops

We partner with other organizations to bring our workshops to a broader audience. During these joint events, participants can learn about their own grief, build skills to support the bereaved, and develop greater understanding and compassion for those in grief.


Creative Healing & Other Special Events

We partner with other community members and organizations to offer creative healing and special events to the public.

Creative healing events encourage participants to explore new ways to express your grief through hands on activities such as movement, visual arts, spoken word, building or writing. Finding creative ways to express your feelings can help you release your own painful emotions and promote healing, as well as find new avenues for self-care.

Past events have included featured authors, creative healing workshops, movie screenings, and art exhibits.

Grief… Let’s Talk Pop-Ups

GrieveWell will provide a presence at a community center, event, or business to raise awareness about grief, educate people on how to support the bereaved and promote positive ways to engage in conversations about grief.

We also provide information on how to connect to GrieveWell and other supportive organizations.

Past Pop-ups locations include farmers markets, health centers, libraries, memorial and awareness walks, Taste of Ann Arbor, and other community based events.

Photos for Collaborative Workshops

Grief in the Holidays with Ypsilanti District Library

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish with Remembering Cherubs

Death & Grief with Clements Library

Grief Pop-Ups & Special Events

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