There are many ways you can volunteer to help build a community of hope and healing!

GrieveWell seeks Peer Counselors who are interested in working one-to-one with individuals in grief, as well as people to represent GrieveWell in the community, support our events, and support our staff.

Become a Peer Counselor

We are always searching for kind individuals who have traveled their own grief journeys and feel acclimated to their losses.

GrieveWell welcomes volunteers who would like to support others through the grief process. We welcome all loss types, but are especially in need of peer support volunteers in the following areas: Spouse Loss, LGBTQ+ and Heterosexual Partner Loss, Sibling Loss, Child Loss, Suicide Loss, and Pet Loss.


Become a GrieveWell Ambassador

GrieveWell seeks passionate volunteers who want to raise awareness, share resources, and educate the public on how to build more supportive communities. Ambassadors are people who are comfortable interacting with community members, and are good listeners who help people feel comfortable sharing their own stories of grief.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

GrieveWell seeks volunteers who know what it’s like to grieve the loss of a loved one and want to help provide support to others. Many other opportunities exist including MSW Candidate Interns, Communications Interns, Event Volunteers, Special Planning Committees, and  Office Support. Please contact us to learn more!


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