One-to-One Peer Support

One-to-One Peer Support is offered in-person and virtually

The grief that follows the death of a loved one can be difficult, confusing, and exhausting. For some, it can be lonely and isolating. You may feel that no one truly understands what you are going through. Even for those who have a significant support community, the grief journey can be difficult in the weeks and months after a funeral, when friends and family have returned to their “regular lives.” 

One-to-One Peer Support
is offered as a free service to residents of Michigan.

Sometimes it helps to have someone there to simply listen. Someone who understands.
If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, a GrieveWell Peer Counselor can provide hope and support as you learn to live again.

GrieveWell Peer Counselors

GrieveWell Peer Counselors are volunteers from the community who have been through their own grief journey and have acclimated to their loss. Under the support and direction of a licensed social worker, GrieveWell Peer Counselors are trained to provide compassionate support to adults in grief. They understand the confusion. The sadness. The anger. The ups and downs. They are individuals who have lost a spouse, partner, child, parent, close friend or pet. And they, themselves, have learned to live a full life after loss.

If you are an adult aged 18 and older and have lost a child, spouse/partner, sibling, parent, or other loved one (such as a friend or pet), a GrieveWell peer counselor can:

  • Meet with you for one hour, each week, for up to 9 months
  • Offer compassionate listening and a beacon of hope
  • Provide support at no cost


  • One-to-one peer support is not professional counseling or therapy. Any person indicating a need for more comprehensive grief support will be referred to a qualified therapist or therapy agency.
  • GrieveWell currently serves residents of Michigan with a focus on Washtenaw County and nearby communities.
  • This model is most suited for those who are a few months into their grief journey.  
  • This successful model is based on evidence-based research that demonstrates that one to one peer support provides healing, growth, and a compassionate, supportive, non-judgemental connection for those in grief. 

How It Works


Complete a Personal History Form Online

Complete our confidential and secure online Personal History Form.


Have questions? If you are interested in receiving more information, talking to us directly, or need help with the form please call our office at (734) 975-0238.

NOTE: We have a small staff, so please leave your contact information, along with suggested times you may be available to talk. We will get back to you as soon as possible. When we talk with you, we may ask for basic information about you and your situation, and we can provide more information about our program.


Follow Up & Possible Consultation

Our program director will review your Personal History Form and will follow up. If needed, our program director will schedule  a phone consultation if there are questions about the completed form. You may also be referred to a professional or another organization who is better suited to meet your needs.


Determine Support & Potential Placement

Based on step 2, you may engage in an online video or in person visit with our program director to review your situation and determine the best support for your specific needs.These appointments typically last an hour.

We know this can be a difficult and confusing time. If you need help completing this process, please feel free to call us at (734) 975-0238 and we will do our best to provide guidance and help.

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