Grief Journal Preview

Grief Journal Preview

This free, downloadable preview of our grief journal is just what you need to get started on a healing journal practice. Why not start today?

“Give sorrow words: The grief that does not speak knits up the overwrought heart and bids it break.”
– William Shakespeare, MacBeth

A grief journal gives you a safe and judgment-free place to explore your thoughts and feelings, to find ways to remember your loved one, and to record your ongoing journey through grief. When we experience grief, the enormity of it is overwhelming.  It is extremely helpful to read your own words and help you get in touch with thoughts, memories and emotions buried inside you. Record as many details as possible, as details will help bring the memories alive.

Determine the best time of day to journal for yourself. Create a space for journaling whether that’s in your favorite chair, outside on your porch, in front of a fireplace, or at your kitchen table. Decide if you want to use a computer or print this PDF. Once you’ve figured these things out, then try to journal in the same way and place every time. After a while, as soon as you get into that comfy spot, it’s almost like your mind is poised to get busy journaling.

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